Best iPhone 6 Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases does not only protect iPhone 6 from water, but also from dirt, snow and shock. Also, it's not necessarily to have the waterproof case only in summer, but can also replace you day-to-day use. The challenge is where to find good and protective waterproof case for your iPhone 6. I have managed to collect the top and most reputable case for you in one place, so enjoy the list. (Prices and availabiity will be updated regularly)

#1 Lifeproof Fre Series

lifeproof case iphone 6 waterproofLifeproof has always produced the best Waterproof case for all iPhone generations, and iPhone 6 is no exception. This waterproof case is available only in black for now and records the lightest and thinnest of all-protective cases available for iPhone 6. It is fully compatible with the phone’s touch ID function and you can even touch the actual screen. It is has a perfect interaction and clarity. It offers a full access to all buttons, port and control camera. It is characterized with clear, slim case highlights of the sleek and the brilliant look of the iPhone 6. This dirt proof case offers a total sealing from dust and dirt. Also call it a drop proof as it offers a drop survival of up to 2 m (6.6 ft.). With the Lifeproof Fre you will be assured protection against scratches and spills. Many cases offer you this but some leave the screen unprotected. Having owned the regular waterproof case for iPhone 6, you end up giving away the regular case to charity because no interference with your phone’s touch screen. If you know you are not careful enough to put your iPhone in the same pocket with the keys or work in the rain, this is the only option for you as it available in retail packaging. The case is available for sale from the official website at $70.99 or from Amazon for $71. Also, Lifeproof Nuud for iPhone 6 is now available for $89.99 which is another waterproof case for iPhone 6 that sports a screenless technology. If you looking for Waterproof battery case, then check out the Lifeproof Fre Power for iPhone 6: waterproof case that can doubles your iPhone battery life thanks the 2600 mAh attached external battery.

#2 Mophie Juice H2Pro

mophie juice waterproof iphone 6The Mophie Juice pack H2Pro features a superb combo of ultimate waterproof protection with 100% extra battery power to iPhone 6. H2Pro pack conforms to IP-68 ratings which make your iPhone tolerate a water immersion of 4 feet for a period of 30 minutes. A waterproofing technology that is unparalleled in contemporary design. The Mophie pack also conforms to US military standard 810G which makes it withstand vibrations, shock, and accidental drops from a height of 4 feet. The pass-through design of the pack boasts of a scratch-resistant membrane which, while allowing you full access to touch screen signals, also integrates volume, mute and lock buttons in the pack. The pack also blocks invasion of dust and foreign objects. A powerful 2750 mAh capacity battery provides more than 100% extra battery power and has an integrated power button that lets you charge only when you want thus saving you precious battery juice. The multiple layers of the pack absorb shock and provide extra cushion to edges and corners of the phone. The ultra-rugged design provides water-tight ports and anti-glare screen protector, without ever blocking the touch screen mechanism. The Mophie juice pack is sonic welded to make it more durable and its ultra-rugged design makes it child-proof too, as the pack renders the phone, virtually unbreakable against high impacts and hard falls. The mophie juice pack is currently available on pre-order and carries a warranty of 1 year. It's available in black color for the moment. The Mophie Juice H2Pro may be purchased from Amazon for $129.95

#3  Lifeproof Nuud Series

lifeproof nuud iphone 6This Life proof’s iPhone 6 waterproof case is available black and smoke. It is a thin, light and gives an all-round protection to your iPhone 6. It is completely compatible with touch ID function of your iPhone 6. You access the touchscreen with a perfect interaction and clarity. You can also access the touch ID and all buttons, controls as well as the port. It is totally sealed from dust and dirt and can survive up to2m (6.6 feet) drops. It is priced at $76.41 for new one and $39.99 for the used. It offers a total waterproof where you can even carry it in the shower to play music for you as you shower. It records a low profile and doesn't make your phone much taller or thicker while in the pocket as compared to a case from Otterbox. Fingerprint recognition continues to decently work with this case. The touch ID’s membrane can still get a consistent print and unlock your iPhone, though not as quick as you do without the case. It may take a slightly harder press or sometime take a second try. The case is now available for orders for $89.99 via Lifeproof official website.

#4 JOTO Universal Waterproof Case

joto universal waterproof case bag iphone 6Joto is the best selling waterproof bag for iPhone 6 on Amazon. This case has a universal size fitting digital cameras all large Smartphones up to 5.3", as well as mp3 players. The casing allows crystal clear window on the two sides and as well as perfect enhancement pictures and videos captions. Besides providing a waterproof protection for the smartphone it maintains a full functionality of the touch screen. It is an easy an simple to install product providing a simple access to snap and lock for all the protection you may require. It is certified to 30 m (100 ft.) IPX8. The case is applicable to the latest high end gadgets like the iPhone 6, 5s and 5c, Nexus 4, Note 2, Note 3, Droid Incredible, and Windows Phone 8 X, Droid DNA, Samsung Galaxy Series and Nokia Lumia, among others. The price for this case is set to $9.99 on Amazon slightly cheaper that the famous Tethy waterproof bag which is really good option too for the iPhone 6.

#5 Catalyst Waterproof Case

catalyst waterproof case for iphone 6Catalyst claims that every single case that is delivered out is tested for IP-68 compliance and is totally dustproof. IP-68 rating mandates that a waterproof casing should protect the phone inside in fully submerged condition for a considerable length of time. Catalyst casing provides waterproofing at a depth of 5 meters to your iPhone 6. It has been designed to meet the MIL-STD-810G, which means rugged protection to your phone. It is loaded with features like premium and soft rubber surface, a lanyard attachment point on the exterior of the case and wrist lanyard point too for added security. Its ultra-slim design flaunts the curves of your iPhone 6 and a transparent backside of the case reveals the looks of your stylish iPhone. Your access to buttons, sensors, cameras, flash and touch ID of your iPhone 6 is never restrained and a non-watermarking layer of Touch ID allows full fingerprint biometric scan. It's the slimmest and most stylish waterproofing case for your iPhone 6 with high impact resistance. The Catalyst case offers certain other features like water resistant acoustic membranes, silicone seals and polycarbonate premium material. Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone is priced at $79.99 on Amazon and comes with free shipping.

#6 Dog & Bone for iPhone 6

dog and bone iphone 6The Dog and Bone wetsuit waterproof case provides an excellent ingress protection from water and may be submerged to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. It's fully compliant with IP-68 ratings. You can go swimming, fishing or jet-skiing without ever worrying about your expensive iPhone 6. This waterproof case can even block dirt, sand and dust particles and exceeds MIL-STD-810F. Your iPhone 6 will receive unruffled protection, even if dropped from heights of 2 meters or more than 6 feet. It's snow proof too and the casing is fully sealed from snow and ice. The case is fully compatible with touch ID which means, you have full access to all controls and ports of iPhone 6. The non-slippery soft exterior gives total access to direct touch screen technology while still giving a firm grip both on and off the water. The Dog and Bone waterproof case offers triple layers of shock protection inside the protective case yet is slim enough for the entire range of touch screen signals to pass through. It is available in 3 different colors. The prices: Black costs $70, Electric Orange costs $69.84, and Silvertail costs $60 on Amazon with free shipping.

#7 Siedo OBEX Wateproof Case

siedo iphone 6 waterproofThe Seidio waterproof case conforms to both IP-68 ratings and US military standards. It's MIL-STD-810F makes it sturdy and protects iPhone 6 from accidental drops from a height of 6 feet. It is dustproof, dirtproof and resists complete fluid submersion for a long time. It is designed to repel water, accidental coffee spills, and even inclement weather including rain and snow. The slim design is soft on hand while giving a firm, non-slippery grip. The case comes with a built-in screen protector that provides full clarity and full touch sensitivity. The case is made of anti-reflective acrylic glass and protects iPhone 6's camera lens without compromising photo quality. The waterproof membrane shields microphones and speakers and gives an excellent sound quality. The OBEX Holster is provided with spring-clip that lifts for easy access while the iPhone is held securely, a top clip locks the phone. It is also provided with adjustable swivel belt clips with 7 rotating angles. It's available in 4 attractive colors with prices as given below. The protective case does not interfere with Radio signals, Blue tooth or any other near field communication (NFC). This waterproof cover for iPhone 6 is priced at $73.22 for on Amazon.

#8 Supcase Waterproof Case

New Trent Trentium Case iphone 6 waterproofIt comes with 3 interchangeable colors that include the silver, gold and black. It is an ultra-thin waterproof case which is compatible only to the iPhone 6. It is a durable and rigid outer ultra-thin case that makes it shock proof, dirt and water resistant. This case is ultimate to iPhone 6 for use in the named extreme outdoor activities.

It designed to also offer all round protection and at the same time adding only 5mm extra to your already slim iPhone 6. The case is manufactured to using the high quality materials that ensures a comfortable soft feel. It is now selling at about $ 29.95. The case is amazing to keep your phone dry at all times as you snorkel or get under water photos. The case is now on offer of just $19 on Amazon.

#9 Aluminum Waterproof  Skin

waterproof case for iphonee 6It offers best protection on shock, water, snow and dirt hence referred to as multipurpose protective Skin. This case is pink in color and very beautiful. It is characterized with light weight, Slim and offers a perfect fit only to Apple iPhone 6. Even though it’s a 3rd party product, it is fully original and brand new. It offers underwater protection up to a depth of 2 m (6.6ft). You can access the touch screen and operate it through a front cover that has a protective clear membrane. It also comes with acoustic sound enhancement unique design. One waterproof standard 3.5mm earphone jack dust plug headphone adaptor cable is also included. It has earphone jack adapter cable and two piece snap on case cover. It is $ 20.00 in price new and $15.00 for the used. The case will work just good or better than the $80 cases from life proof brand. It has instructions and is exactly what can go for with only 20$ to spend.

#10 Griffin All-Terrain

griffin survivor all terrain iphone 6With Griffin all-terrain survivor case, you can drop your iPhone 6 on a concrete floor from a height of 2 meters and still watch it unfazed by the impact of fall. Its inner crash shell with foam filled panels soak up impacts and shocks to give you top-notch protection. Griffin all terrain case conforms to tough US MIL-STD-810G and survives a myriad of hostile environment factors like vibration, shock, impact, rain, drops, sand, dust, dirt, and any accidental spills. It has 4-layers of protection out of which the foam panel layer is made of a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame, fitted into a shock-absorbing silicone casing. A built-in screen protector secures and isolates your iPhone 6's touchscreen from a harsh outside environment. It is provided with special hinged plugs to seal lightning connector, hold switch and headphone port. It also covers volume and power buttons. The Griffin case is shipped with a removable heavy-duty rotating clip that fastens your phone to your waist belt or bag strap.  The case is available in black and black & blue and is priced at $44.50 on amazon with free shipping.

#11 Ghostek Waterproof

iphone 6 waterproof caseThe case is made of high quality tought PC material, to provide ultimate protection from dirt, snow, water, and drops. The case composed of two layers and covers all ports, buttons, and cameras, yet, provides full access to the phone functions without the need to remove the case. The Waterproof case for iPhone 6 comes with protective clear membrane front screen cover to protect the gorgeous screen. The case sports a uniqely designed speaker ports to deliver the best acoustic output and sound clarity and qulaity. Additionally, the case includes 1 waterproof standard 3.5mm earphone jack cable. The case is sold for $ 24 on Amazon.

#12 Merit iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

merit waterproof case iphone 6The case is available in clear and white colors. It is best suited for protection against damage from sweat, dirt, rain, dust, snow, splashes or water. This iPhone 6 waterproof case undergoes retail packaging. It is designed for easy to create waterproof seal where you just insert your iphone and press the 2 sides together. The installation instructions are included. Most interestingly, it has an access to the key functions like charging, volume among others. The back and front Sharpvue lenses enhance capturing of high-quality videos and photos through this waterproof case. It is also featured with intelligent filter design blocks of water, allowing sound passage and hence you experience full Speakerphone and mic functions. The case’s list price is $35.99 while in offer. Customers say that it is an amazing case that works better under water. You will I have no difficulty using it and is made of rubber that is easy when removing.


#13 Bessmate Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

ipphone 6 waterproof cover bessmateThis is one of the top waterproof cases for iPhone 6 on the market. This case offers up to 6.6 ft. for half an hour waterproof and drop proof of up to 10 ft. It is also an effective dust proof allowing nil dust entry as well as up to 2 tons crushes proof. It is proved to be the toughest waterproof case ever built that offers absolute protection for your iPhone when using in extreme conditions like rainy and dusty environments. It appears to have a good quality construction as well as extensive postice review from owners. It does not give you a headache to have your iPhone in and out of this case. You can just pop phone in and out open after you open the latches. This case is very simple to use. Finally, this case is available at a friendly price of $20.99

#14 Ghostek Atomic Case

It is ywaterproof cover iphone 6et another waterproof casing product from Ghostek with up to 2 m (6.6 ft.) fully submergible for half an hour. It is featured with a drop proof protecting the device from up to 2 m (6.6 ft.) drops. The casing have 100% dust proof guarantee blocking the entry of debris particles and dust. It has carbon color and is designed to have a very easy installation since it has two-piece case with snap assembly. The Atomic case have screen protector guards that are built-in protecting the gadget against scratches on its touch screen. Your fingerprint’s Touch ID always work more flawlessly, actually even better than when you have no case on your phone. This is because the case forces you to position the finger the way you are supposed to. It has a silence or mute switch that turn on or off and it is designed in manner that it can’t switch on accidentally or toggle while in my pocket. Last but not least, the retail price is about $39.99 on Amazon.

#15 Waterproof for iPhone 6

lifebox iphone 6 wateproof casesThis great case offers a waterproof to 3 m (9.8 ft.). The case is ruggedized to count for corners and edges. It has a rating of P68 against fluid incursion, to3 m (9.8 ft.). Its price is presently listed at $70 by Griffin Technologies while it is going for around $50 on eBay or Amazon. It is classified among the lowest priced waterproof cases for iPhone 6. Its installation is a breeze where the instruction on installation procedure and general maintenance videos are available on the producer’s web site. The case stays on for all operations and you don’t have to remove it when charging, to audibility when making a call or when you sync the phone. It can be said to be the biggest downside of the Life proof. You will experience unaffected clear sound when making a call on both ends, because the sound of the speaker is slightly a bit subdued only for alarms, ringtones, games or music sound. There is no notable difference in video and photos quality with and without the case. The case is water tight and you can go using the iphone on swimming pool as well as snorkeling in the ocean taking photos under and above water without fear of any leakage at all. It also is includes a waterproof mini jack adapter and you will appreciate it ability to connect to waterproof earphones in case you want listen to some music. The retail cost of this case is just $39.99 on Amazon which is really bargain price.

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