Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

If you're looking for full protection for your new iPhone 6, then wallet cases may be you best choice. After checking the market for a nice and protective wallet case, I found hundred of them, but the truth is, not all of them worth buying. In this page, I have collected what I believe the best iPhone 6 wallet cases. (Prices and links  will be updated soon)

#1 Spigen Stand Wallet Case

spigen slim wallet case for iphone 6As you may know, Spigen is my favorite cases manufacturer, therefore, I'll start with it's premium wallet case. It's built from high quality material supported by snap clasp to offer high resilience against drops, scratches and other impacts. The case feature Stand View function allowing you to adjust viewing angle suitable for watching videos or reading long emails. The case also sports number of pocket for you ID and bank cards. What I like about this cover is the ultra slim folio design adding a minimum bulk to your new  4.7" iPhone. The precise cut-outs, premium stretching around the edges and Spigen Logo adds extra prestige to the cover. The case is available in Black and White and sold for $19.99 on Amazon.

#2 Caceology iPhone 6 Wallet Case

caseology for iphone 6 wallet caseOne of the most delicate iPhone 6 wallet cases with three color on the front and secured clasp for extra protection all around the phone. The cover can be used as Stand View, Folio and of course as a wallet case. With this case you can carry up to three credit cards or ID as well as some cash. The case is compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and all other carriers thanks to the engineered design finished with precise cutting. In terms of protection, the rubberized TPU material used is able to withstand and absorb all kind of shocks and impacts. Finally, the case is available in several colors and sold for $9.99 on Amazon.

#3 SmartFlex from Speck

specks wallet case iphone 6Speck is a top company that manufactures wallet cases, covers and other regular cases and covers. Their new innovation, the SmartFlex, is no exclusion as it is designed exquisitely and comes with their signature. Flexible edges and button protection are the key features of this wallet case for iPhone 6. Falls and drops are catered for by the rubber material which is used in the manufacture of the SmartFlex Wallet Case.

Rubber makes installation and uninstallation very stress-free. Ports are accessible from the cut-outs made in this wallet case. A card slot that is designed for a maximum of 3 cards is available in the SmartFlex Wallet Case.

A variety of colors of the SmartFlex Wallet Case for iPhone 6 are available in the market. These colors include: Grey, Red, Purple, Green and Black. This wallet case is also fairly priced at Amazon at only $35.

 #4 Incipio Stashback

incipio wallet for iphone 6iPhone 6 wallet cases are manufactured for two distinct reasons; protection and to enable you carry your cards with your smartphone. The Incipio Stashback has met all of these motives. Having a plextonium outer shell, which is impact resistant, means that your iPhone 6 is protected from drops, scratches and falls. Shock is easily absorbed, thanks to the inner silicone layer, which comes with shock absorbing capabilities. A very rugged outer covering completes your iPhone 6’s protection as it makes your smartphone defensive against the nastiest of conditions.

The Stashback is very slim, thus being lightweight. Your cards are given a slot at the back of this wallet case, thus you can carry your ID, credit card and some cash while going out. This card slot can carry up to 3 cards. The Incipio Stashback is available in many colors, like Black, Grey, White and Pink. Graphic designs on the cases are also available for you to choose from.

An affordable price of $35.37 is put on this stylish and tough wallet case for iPhone 6.

#5 Gmyle Book Cover for iPhone 6

iphone 6 book coverDeveloped by Twelve South, the BookBook for iPhone is the newest collection in the BookBook category and comes as a hybrid wallet and a case. This wallet case for iPhone 6 is beautifully-designed and mimics a small pocket-sized vintage book. The hardback covers, which are made from leather, and an additional spine protect your iPhone 6 from virtually everything. Its wallet slot allows you to walk around with your iPhone and cash and cards as one unit, instead of carrying them separately. With the BookBook Wallet Case, recovery of your lost wallet is made easier through Apple’s ��Find My iPhone’ service. Your iSight camera is also easily accessible through the camera hole, which is has an opening in the BookBook Wallet Case for iPhone. Ledger Brown and Classic Brown are the main colors available and are a bit highly priced, because of their handmade design and cost $8.99 on Amazon.

#6 Otterbox Commuter Wallet Series

otterbox commuter wallet case iphone 6 plusProtection for your iPhone 6 is a notch higher, cheers to Otterbox Commuter Wallet Series for iPhone 6 which comes with a multi-layer case. Damages and scratches to your priceless iPhone 6 are now a thing of the past. Its streamlined design maintains a tough protection from shocks, drops and falls. A self-adhering screen protector helps to protect the screen of your iPhone 6 against scratches.

A sliding wallet drawer that can hold up to cards is available for you, meaning that you can carry your cards and cash, plus your iPhone as a single package. An audible closure click is made to confirm that your items have been closed and are secured.

Colors range from Black to Glacier (Grey/White) to Primrose (Pink/Gray) and the Otterbox Commuter Wallet Series is available at only $44.95; so take the initiative and grab your piece of protection today.

#7 Case Crown Wallet

Case Crown Wallet iphone 6From its name, the Case Crown Wallet is a crest to your iPhone 6. Apart from adding aesthetic value to your iPhone, it comes in handy to protect your iPhone 6 and thus guarantee it a longer life. This wallet case contains a plastic snap in the inside, which is meant to secure your iPhone 6 in place, inside the case. The single magnetic closure ensures that once you have locked your iPhone 6, it remains intact and will not drop at any time.

Accessibility to your smartphone is ensured due to the precise cutouts made on the wallet case. A bill pocket and card slots help you to carry your cards and move with them easily. The Case Brown Wallet for iPhone 6 is made to last, because of its material; which is durable synthetic leather exterior that serves as a protector to your iPhone 6.

Meadow Green, Baby Blue, Pink and Black are the colors in stock and are available at a rational price of $22.77.

#8 Bear Motion Case

Bear Motion Case bear motionElegance and protection are the key properties that a good wallet case, or any other case, must have. The Bear Motion Case fulfills these properties perfectly well. Elegance is provided for by the premium soft lambskin leather, which is used in the manufacture of the Bear Motion Case. The soft leather makes the wallet case lovely and gives it a comfy touch. This iPhone 6 wallet case fits perfectly to your phone , thanks to the super premium folio case.

Ports are available through the cut-outs, which are made to meticulousness, thus you can use the charging port, camera, or even the headphone jack while having the Bear Motion Case installed on your iPhone 6.

The Bear Motion Case comes in Brown, Black and Red colors and is available at a very low price of only $13.99 at Amazon.

#9 iWallie for iPhone 6

reverse iphone 6 wallet caseiWallie for iPhone 6 is another superb accessory for your iPhone 6. This wallet case gives you everything in one splendid package due to its great quality structure. Instant access to your iPhone is guaranteed by the cut-outs in front of the case which expos your screen, thus no tactical maneuvers required for you to do easy operations like answering a call. Your cards and cash are catered or as this wallet cover comes with 3 slots for credit cards, and an additional slot for cash. This reduces the bulk of having to carry your iPhone and wallet disjointedly. Incorporating a high quality construction from high quality material, it is evident that the iWallie for iPhone 6 is quite pricy, at $34.95, but is worth every cent. Colors available include Black, White, Orange and others.

#9 Pandamimi iPhone Wallet Case

wallet cae iphone 6 plusDesigned to offer the ultimate protection to your iPhone 6, the Pandamimi Wallet Case is made from high quality PU leather material and has an additional magnetic flip design, which work hand-in-hand to safeguard your iPhone against unwanted drops, scratches, stains, accidental bumps and bruises.

Additional slots are available for you to store your business cards and credit cards, and even money so as to help you carry everything you need in one single compendium. Pandamimi Wallet Case is quite different from other wallet cases for iPhone 6 in terms of design, since it comes with graphic designs, instead of the traditional colors. These design available in the market include: Chevron Waves Pattern, Anchor Wallet-Black, Anchor Wallet-Magenta, Colorful Wallet-Blue+ Khaki+ Orange and Tribal Wallet-Stay.

You can get these wallet cases for your iPhone 6 on Amazon at a very cheap price of $9.99.

#11 eForCity Leather Case

blue wallet case for iphone 6Leather is considered a very tough material with protection capabilities to everything it is used to make. eForCity Leather Case makes use of this known use of leather thus offer your iPhone 6 tremendous protection. Scratches are thus a thing of the past if you use the eForCity Leather Case on your iPhone 6. A separate bi-fold wallet is also amalgamated within this sweet wallet case, thus you will be able to store your cards and your cash together with your smartphone. Accessibility of your smartphone is also maintained via its unique design that enables you to access all buttons and the screen without having to remove the case. This iPhone 6 wallet case is one of the cheapest iPhone accessory, priced at $7.99, thus make sure you have your eForCity Leather Case which is available online at Amazon in Black color, and comes as a perfect fit to your iPhone 6 smartphone.

#12 Navor Wallet Cover

iphone 6 plus wallet caseThe Navor Wallet Cover is a sophisticated Folio Wallet which implements functionality to the fullest. Protection and holding your belongings at one location are the key motivations of this wallet case. It has a form fit design, which is meant to ensure it fits flawlessly to your iPhone 6.

A card slot that allows up to 4 cards, and a separate bill slot, give you control by allowing you to carry your credit cards, cash and bills. Its slim curve embracing design makes it lightweight thus makes you comfortable when you are carrying your case and your smartphone.

Protection is assured by the secure magnetic closure and the impact resistant PU material used in the construction of the Navor Wallet Case. Cut-outs help you to access all ports straightforwardly.

Black, Coffee, Gold, Gray, Hot Pink, Green, Orange, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Sky Blue, Hot Blue, Yellow, White and Silver are the color ranges available in the market and they are available at an affordable price of $12.99 only.

#13 Faux Leather Wallet Case

terripan iphone 6 wallet caseThe most stylish wallet case for iPhone 6, Faux Leather Wallet Case is a case like no other. Panache is maintained by the Premium PU material, used in its production. This material does not only provide for a stylish look, but also protects your iPhone from dust and from scratches. The leather thus gives your iPhone 6 prime protection from practically everything.

A leather wallet is also incorporated in the Faux Leather Wallet Case. This wallet or card slots are used to store your cards and cash, thus making you move freely while carrying everything in a single package.

Red is the only color that the Faux Leather Wallet Case is available in and is lowly priced, thus being cheap, at only $9.95 on Amazon.

#14 ATC Lumsing Case for iPhone 6

wallet case for iphone 6Protection of your pricy iPhone 6 is a priority for this wallet case and thus why leather was used in the manufacture. An added protection feature is the magnetic clip which holds your iPhone 6 intact to the wallet case. This high quality PU material has shock absorption capabilities thus protects you from shock and scratches. The ATC Lumsing for iPhone 6 is very special and can be used for many functions. It has card slots to carry your cards, cash slots to carry your cash and can even be used to carry your keys. This wallet case for iPhone 6 has a very wide variety of color choices for you to choose from. Some of the popular colors include Black/Blue, Credit Card Case Light Blue+ Rose Red, Wallet Case White+ Orange and Pink Purple. Being very cheap as it is priced on Amazon at a very low price of $7.99, any owner of an iPhone 6 can afford it and guarantee longer life to their smartphone.

#15 The Friendly Swede

swede wallet case iphone 6Safety of your iPhone 6 is the motivating factor of the Friendly Swede. This beautiful wallet case for iPhone 6 maintains the safety of your iPhone through the tough Premium TPU material which it is made from. A screen protector is added for you in this package, which also comes with a stylus pen which will help you access and operate your iPhone effortlessly. Cut-outs on the case allow accessibility of all the ports, like cameras, charging port and most vitally the headphone jack.

Elegance of your smartphone is clearly brought forth by the superb design of this wallet case, which is also see-through and comes with 3 card slots for you to store your cards in. Cleaning your iPhone 6 is made easier for you because the Friendly Swede comes with an additional Cleaning Cloth which is made from a high quality of Microfibers. This wallet case will for sure give your iPhone 6 a complete makeover.

Baby Pink, Black, Light Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Black + White Zebra, Hot Pink Leopard, Brown Leopard, Purple 2 and Purple Leopard are the colors that the Friendly Swede come in and are available online at Amazon at am amazing affordable price of $8.99 only.

#16 Neewer Leather Case

iphone 6 wallet case coverChips and scratches are dangerous to your iPhone 6 smartphone, which costs a fortune. Neewer Leather Case’s PU leather material helps protect against them. The edges of this case is reinforced to ensure that drops and falls do not have a major or a catastrophic impact on our iPhone 6. The magnetic clip, which is easy to close and open, is also included in this good-looking wallet case, which provides protection to your iPhone 6 by certifying that your smartphone remains in the case once closed. Ports are accessed through exact cut-outs made on the case. Brown, Purple, White, Brown are some of the colors available. Designs or graphics are available on the cases like Bright Starts Sky Picture, Butterfly on the Sea, Funny Skull, Sky Picture and Sexy Ladies Walking Dog Picture. This beautiful iPhone wallet case is available at only $9.99, thus being very affordable to everyone.

#17 EYN iPhone Wallet Case

eyn wallet iphone 6 caseStanding for ��Everything You Need’ EYN Wallet Case for iPhone 6 is another smooth wallet case that seeks to give you everything, from protection to class and entertainment. This wallet case is built precisely, thus fits your iPhone 6 completely perfectly.

A card slot that fits 3 cards is also provided for you to carry your cards and cash easily. Your comfort is provided by the additional enclosed mirror that comes with the case. A kickstand at the rear is incorporated to ensure that you are relaxed when watching movies or other sources of entertainment in your iPhone 6.

EYN Wallet Case comes in many colors like Black, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Chartreuse and Syrah. Following its class and stylishness, it is quite pricy as it is priced at $29.99 in Amazon.

From the above iPhone 6 wallet cases, be sure to select one and enjoy ultimate protection to your phone  and at the same time convenience by carrying everything you need as a single unit.

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