Best iPhone 6 TPU Cases

When buying a new cell phone, it does not have the protection case. You have to buy it separately. The smart phone cases have amazing benefits and applications; they are really worth the dollar and are available at reasonable prices to suit your budget. Basically, any phone needs a case for the following reasons.

Maximum defense

Consider the device’s covers and cases as a phone shelter. They protect your phone device against exterior damage and harsh elements like dirt, scrapes, falls and dust.

Versatile accessory

Instantly personalizing your phone using different cases is made possible regarding to your lifestyle or mood.

Instant overhaul

Using new stylish cases you easily restore the value and give your old boring device a facelift.

Bursting with fun

Cases truly offer great enjoyment and fun when you jazz up the device with them. You can choose from flashy colors, fascinating designs and heavy-duty materials from the different collections available.

It is therefore, really important that you purchase a smart phone case or cover following the earlier explained reasons among others. There are tight fit cases for your gadget in the market.

iPhones actually indicates why phone cases are important because after their release, the case making industries increased with unlimited designs that fits every individual. The cases give you an excellent protection. Mostly, the materials used are smooth binding that plays the role of a barrier to prevent damage. The smart phones are now necessary gadgets to have and it is therefore important that these expensive phones have a proper cover for protection.

The following is a quick review on TPU Cases. They are the top ten best iPhone 6 TPU cases available in the market.

1. Minisuit Frost TPU Slim Rubber Grip Case

TPU Slim Rubber Grip Case iphone 6An awesome product for apple. It is compatible with models like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and the T-Mobile. It is made of a material that is tear-resistant, durable, and lightweight with a rubberized thermoplastic skin that shields every part of your smart phone. It's considered on of the thinnest case on the market with precise cutout for al buttons, camera, speaker and microphone. This must-have case is clear with color options that include the yummy colors such as Pink, Purple, black and Silver which cannot clash your wardrobe and you can get it with around $7.00 on Amazon US and around £4.55 on Amazon UK.

2. LUVVITT® iPhone 6 Case

luvvitt crystal clear for iphone 6It is a crystal clear, slim and soft transparent TPU case and fits 4.7 inch screen iPhone 6 only. It has a combination of soft and clear TPU a hard clear PC back edges on every sides for maximum protection and maintaining low profile. It hugs all the 4 corners of the device and enables you to have the best grip with good protection.. It also comes with a protective lip above screen level. This case has easy and quick access to buttons and ports and fits your device just like a glove. The case endures scuff marks and scratches than regular cases because it has a Scratch-resistant coating hence a cleaner look and longer life for your case and device. The case is listed for $ 5.95 on Amazon (£11 on Amazon UK).

3. Spigen® Metallized Buttons

spigen metalized buttons iphone 6Spigen, as you may know, my favourite case producer. I like this case because it's made of a combination of Polycarbonate and TPU for maximum protection of all kind of drops, impacts and scratch. Its form fitted and slim design gives a perfect shape for your new iPhone 6. It also has a metalled polycarbonate control buttons to give a stylish approach and have an advanced technological design for shock absorption. The case has web Pattern for Advanced Shock Absorption and available in different colours such as Yellow, Silver, Blue and Black. The case is sold on Amazon for $26.99 (£14.99 on Amazon UK) .

4.  i-Blason Hybrid Clear Case

i blason hybrid case for iphone 6Only compatible with th new Apple iPhone 6 with raised edges in the front that recesses the screen to protect your device screen even when placed facing down. The anti-slip material offers you much more surfaces grip to enhance the protection. It is characterized with a premium 3H rating scratch resistant screen protector that gives endured protection to your iPhone 6. It also has a precise design and cut-outs with an easy access to every port, speakers, cameras, sensors, and other features. The case is available in several colours such as purple, black and silver and  priced for about $2.99 on Amazon.

5. Spigen® Slim Armor

spigen slim armor for iphone 6It is featured with a TPU and a Polycarbonate to offer you a dual Protection. It sports Web Patterned Advanced Shock Absorption technology that protects all 4 corners of your iPhone. The 0.8mm raised edge design allows you to lay the device on its face without worrying about the screen get scratched. Spigen recommends using Tempered Glass screen protector that is sold separately. The case is very slim, form-fitted and lightweight and designed specifically for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 inches.). You can choose from 4 colous in the likes of Gunmetal, Gold, Silver, Smooth black and sold for about $ 21.99 (£14.99 on Amazon UK).

6. Spigen® Tough Armor

spigen tough armor for iphone 6Another protective case from Spigen but this time, more durable and tougher with extreme protection against scratches, drops and impacts. This iPhone 6 TPU case is featured with Spider Web Patterned and  air cushion technology that protects all 4 corner of the iPhone. It has 1.5mm lip that protects the screen that's compatible with Spigen Tempered Glass screen protector which is sold separately. It is very slim yet much more protective compared to other cases on the market. The case is available in numerous colours such as Silver, Black Brown, Red and sold for $26.99 on Amazon US (£14.99 on Amazon UK)

#7 Pure Gear DualTek Extrme

dualtek extreme rugged iphone 6 caseIf you looking for a rugged case for you iPhone 6, look no further than the DualTek Extreme case from Pure-Gear. It has been tested and approved for military standard offering outstanding shock absorption and impact protection. The case features such intelligent design where ergonomic grip stripes are circulated along each side of the phone to prevent from accidental slips and drops. Also, the cover sports neat cut-outs around the camera, speakers, mic and even Apple logo at the back. Surprisingly, with a;; above-mentioned characteristic, the case does not compromise the slim and sleek look at all, thanks to the durable thin layered materials that is tough and flexible for more practicality. The case is available in different colours such as Yellow, Matt Black, Blue, Red and White and sold for $35 on Amazon.

8. SUPCASE Air Protective Case

One of the slimmest and simplest cases ever. supcase tpu iphone 6 caseThe Supcase cover features a Snap-On design for the front cover for simple installation. The case is designed with an advanced dual layer composed of a combination of a flexible TPU and polycarbonate hard shell for protection against accidental bump, shock and drops. The case is crystal clear and maintains the original shape of your phone and adds little to no bulkiness. Supcase announced that it'll offer other colours and variation soon so people will have multiple choices to choose from based on their preference. The case is offered for just $4.97 on Amazon with 80% off, so grab yourself a bargain before it's too late. Don't forget to get a good screen protector as this case will not protect your phone screen.

9. Bear Motion Case

bear motion bumper for iphone 6This protective case is made of Polycarbonates and Premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane material to provide the ultimate protection and the best shock absorption for your iPhone 6. This protective casing is super slim with a design that resembles premium material. With no much unnecessary weight and bulkiness you will be assured of better protection to the most vulnerable parts of your iPhone. The bumper is avialble in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Gold. The listing price of this case is about $15 on Amazon.

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