Which iPhone 6 Screen Protector is best?

It is inevitable that your iPhone would surely get damage or stain in no time at all even if you are not clumsy. It is because no matter how you care for your gadget, as long as, it does not have any screen protection, it would surely get damage beyond repair. iPhone 6 screen protectors are your best friends in helping you to protect your precious gadget. They can also add attraction and style to your iPhone 6. In short, they are slim, flexible, functional, and you’re all – around best friends.

What are your options?

It is difficult to buy the right screen protector for your iPhone if you do not know anything about it in the first place. Looking up or searching the internet what are best iPhone 6 screen protectors is one way to know if you can afford such luxury. Remember that they are too many screen protectors for you to choose from, but it is always the best way to choose the top screen protectors, and these are as follows:

#1 Tech armor iPhone 6  Screen Protector

tech armor iphone 6 screen protectorThis is a tempered – glass protector that gives you a full clarity for your screen without distortion. The shield of this protector is not impenetrable, but it does not get damage or scratch easily. It can stand up to any normal drops, pocket and bag tussles, bumps, several hammer blows, and many more. This protector also has a special coating that can resist oil, smudges, and fingerprints. This does not have any self – healing materials, so it would not-self – fix any indents and scratches. This protector comes with alcohol wipes, a microfiber cloth, a tiny, suction cup, a bubble removal card, and dust – removal stickers. In short, the glass material gives your screen a clear and durable surface, which lets your screen respond perfectly to your touch, but it won't break your pocket as it retails at just $9.95 on Amazon.

#2 Bullet Proof iPhone 6 Screen Protector

bullet proof screen protector iphone 6It has a 9H bulletproof glass with 0.4 mm thick, which makes this protector one of the hardest screen protector. It is a scratch resistant, but it will do an excellent job protecting the screen of your iPhone underneath. There is a 30 days money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if something happens to it. This protector has also a tempered – glass material that easily protect your phone screen. Nevertheless, this does not mean that this protector is immune to breaking and scratching, but it has a thick and hard glass material. This protector also has adhesive material under its colored – portion, so you would not have to worry about bubbles between the surface of your phone and the screen protector. I really recommend this screen protector however, it retails around $33 on Amazon.

#3  Zagg Invisible Shield

zagg invisible shield iphone 6 plusZagg Invisible Shield is durable, smooth and come with a lifetime guarantee with self – healing qualities. This self – healing material are the same material used to coat for the blades of a helicopter that protects them from debris and dust. This screen protector is a 0.39 mm thick and it’s HD, Original Smudge proof screen protectors are 0.2 mm thick. This protector also has a sturdy design that can endure and withstand a series of calamities. In short, this screen protector can endure a series of dangerous events and situations for a screen without penetrating its shield and you can use your iPhone, but this has a rubbery feel to it and hold on to oils. This particular screen protector maybe the only protector that's made in the USA and offered with life time guarantee. The protector is sold via the Zagg's officail website for and start from $14.99 to $39.99, depending on your choice; but trust me, it's worth every penny. you can also choose the

#4 BodyGuardz Pure

bodyguardz iphone 6 screen protectorIt comes with two different home buttons with a lifetime warranty and 30 – day money back guarantee. It has also an alcohol cleaning wipes, installation instructions, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The protector is 0.4 mm thick, yet it does not feel or looks like it. In terms of protection, the protector is made of 8H+ surface hardness that even surpasses the steel to offer superior durability and scratch prevention, as well as resistance to heat and chemical liquid.The special coating on this protector can resist oil and fingerprints, which make it soft and smooth to touch. Your fingerprints would not show and you can rub it with the cloth to remove stains and marks easily. In short, this protector is responsive, smooth, classy, and durable. However, dust and other imperfections of the adhesive will show up your screen since the entire area is crystal clear. The protector is sold for $32 on Amazon (£24 on Amazon UK)


#5 iCarez Screen Protector

icarez iphone 6 tempered glassThis screen protector feature a 0.33 mm thick tempered – glass that would not scratch or dent even if it bumps into something or your keys rub against it. This protector receives a 9H rating for pencil hardness scale and hardest level, and 9B for softness. It has special anti – glare screen and military – grade coating, which make it oil, smudges, and fingerprints resistant. This coating helps your screen to transmit not more than 96% of light, but also reflects not less than 1.6% so you can have a clear image even in sunny conditions. This screen protector for iPhone 6 is one of the most under-rated protectors on the market, however, according to the official specification and customer reviews, it's one of the top screen protectors on the industry. This tempered glass protector for iPhone 6 is priced $7.95 on Amazon

#6 Spigen Glas.tR

spigen glass tr screen protector for iphone 6ٍSpigen is one of the most reputable iPhone accessories manufacturer. Spigen screen protector has a thick tempered glass material that would protect your screen from sharp objects and bumpy drops. The screen protector has rounded edges that hugs the phone perfectly to offer superior protection. This screen protector sports unbelievable clarity and virtually no interference to touch sensitivity. Because of its strong surface that poses H8-H9 hardness, it is extremely easy to apply it bubble-free. The screen protector is compatible  with both iPhone 6 ($16.99 on Amazon US (£12 on Amazon UK) and iPhone plus ($21 in US and £16 in UK).

#7 amFilm Screen Protector

amfilm screen protectorThe amFilm screen protector is a fingerprint and scratch resistant, but this screen protector is indestructible, so you won’t notice anything on your screen. It is easy to apply on your screen and uses a dry method, so  it won't make any bubbles under the surface of your screen. If you struggle applying the screen protector, there are online videos tutorials available online on Amazon product listing. This protector is effective for protecting your screen only from minor bumps and scratches. however, you should get a protective casing to guard the rest of the phone. This protector comes with life time warranty. The retail price of the product is roughly $5.95  on Amazon US.

#8 Media Devil Magic Screen

thin iphone 6 screen protectorThe world's thinnest iPhone 6 screen protector. This screen protector will shield your screen from daily challenges and threats such as sharp objects, keys, pens, and even drops. However, it would hold up against knives, razor blades, and other sharp objects. In short, this is not tough and hard enough to handle hard impacts and sharp objects. Its shape and size fits easily to your screen perfectly well. The Magic Screen is available in multiple options such as Anti-Glare, Invisible and Privacy which would be beneficial for you if you have nosy friends. The retail price is $7.97 Amazon however don't forget to get a bumper or a full case for the protection of your iPhone body.

#9 Maxboost Tempered Glass

maxboost screen protector tempered glass iphone 6This is a thin, tempered  glass protector that protects your screen only from minor scratches and bumps. This protector has a fingerprint – resistant special coating that makes your screen easy to clean and maintain its cleanliness. It receives 9H for hardness and 9B for softness level. Removing this protector is easy without leaving any residue. In short, this protector is extremely hard for its thin depth and it does not have a tacky feel, but you should be careful though because this protector is not enough to protect your screen. This is one of my best iPhone 6 screen protectors and the good news it's available for an affordable price of $7.99 only.

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