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If you have invested in an Apple iPad Air 2 tablet, you will definitely want to keep it looking brand new for some time. You need to protect it with one of the best iPad Air 2 cases, so that it won’t get any scratches, dents, oils, fingerprints or any undesirable marks that can be avoided. Once you found a protective cover you will be able to use it almost anywhere you go without fearing it can drop or get damaged by impacts.  The choice of your case should be determined by the conditions of the environment in which you use your tablet. Don't risk damaging your new iPad Air tablet as no matter how careful you are, accident will happen. I hope you enjoy my list of the best Apple iPad Air 2 cases which I have carefully selected after conducting an extensive market research.

So, let's go ahead and list my favourite iPad Air 2 covers in randomized order

#1 Poetic Apple iPad Air 2 Case

Poetic Apple iPad Air 2 CasFor the most reliable protection of your Apple iPad Air 2 2014 release, the Poetic SlimBook Series is your best choice. This case for Apple iPad Air 2 from Poetic is made of a synthetic leather-like material which is extremely lightweight but protects your tablet while maintaining its true form. Its interior is made of a velvet-soft microfiber that makes sure your new Apple iPad Air 2 tablet doesn’t get any scratches. The interior lining of the soft microfiber also provides the right environment for your tablet to be well protected from dust particles.

The Poetic SlimBook Series iPad Air 2 case has a clever design that doesn’t get in the tablet user’s way. You can continue performing your emailing, typing, video watching, gaming, internet surfing, instant messaging or any other tasks in comfort. The case can also fold into 2 stand positions horizontally. It comes in various colors such as black, green, hot pink, light pink, white, brown, light blue, navy blue, purple, red, leopard and zebra patterns. This iPad Air 2 smart case is priced at only $4.95 on Amazon.

#2 Poetic GraphGrip Series

Poetic silicon Apple iPad Air 2 CaseThe GraphGrip Series from Poetic is a silicone skin case that provides excellent protection to your tablet. The rubber-like material offers the best grip of the tablet in your hands minimizing the chances of accidental drops. The grip is also enhanced by the stylish grooves of square patterns on the case surfaces making it difficult for the tablet to slip off your hands. The silicone material also provides a good level of impact resistance to reduce chances of damage in case the table falls.

Using the Poetic GraphGrip Series as your Apple iPad Air 2 case for protection allows you to continue enjoying the full features of the tablet. Precise cut-outs make it convenient for the user to access all the buttons, ports and speakers. The entire back of the tablet is completely enveloped by the silicon skin case which also projects into a lip raised at the front so that you can lay the tablet on the table. This silicon case is available in 3 colors including black, blue and lavender and is priced at only $4.95 for launch promotion.

#3 Poetic Revolution Series

ipad air case hard casePoetic Revolution Series Apple iPad Air 2 Cases features a construction of dual layers to provide the ultimate protecting to your tablet. A TPU skin makes the outer layer while a polycarbonate shell makes the inner one. With such a reinforced protection, your tablet has a chance of withstanding accidental drops or impacts. The combination of the materials used allows for a great level of shock absorption.

For water and scratch resistance, the case features a screen protector without hindering the touch input functionality of your tablet. The Revolution Series also takes protection to another level as it also covers the buttons and ports without affecting their responsiveness. This excellent design effectively prevents dust accumulation allowing you not to worry much when using your tablet in dusty environments. Considering its range of protective features, this case is one of the top iPad Air cases on the market. It is available in black color and is reasonably priced at $4.95 on Amazon so grab this before prices go up.

#4 Poetic – DuraBook Series

ipad air 2 case bookYou can afford an excellent protection for your new Apple iPad Air 2 tablet with the Poetic DuraBook Series. The cover is made of a flexible matte polyurethane type of leather-like material while the interior lining is made of ultra suede. This case features one of the best functional designs with the ability to support vertical and horizontal stand modes. It is a 2-piece case featuring a sleeve for inner part into which the tablet is secured a and back plastic cover snaps on making the installtion of the case easy and secure.

The DuraBook smart cover for iPad Air 2 Case supports horizontal and vertical viewing because of its ability to swivel at 360 degrees. 3 contrasted stripes featured in the interior part of the case also provides for the different viewing angles. The case therefore allows not only full functionality of your iPad but also great convenience and ease of use at different positions making it on of the best cases for iPad Air 2. You can choose from many available colors including black, navy blue, purple, red, light pink and sky blue. Its price is also reasonably set at $4.95 on Amazon.

#5 Ionic 2-Tone Designer Cover

apple ipad air 2 leather toner caseAmong all other smart covers for iPad Air 2, the Ionic 2-Tone Designer case is a great ideal for the protection of your tablet within tight budget. Its exterior is made of premium quality pebble-grain leather which makes it sturdy and stylish. The interior cover is reinforced with dual layers while there is also a soft microfiber that provides the protection of the screen. The exterior synthetic leather material is also effective in protecting the tablet against scratches. This smart case for iPad Air 2 is also designed to fully support the new sleep and wake functionality.

The Ionic case being lightweight with stylish business profile in looks allows you to have the confidence of taking your tablet with you everywhere. It looks and feels very sturdy while it snugly holds the tablet securely in place. The Ionic case design also allows it to be horizontally transformed into a stand for convenience of use. The design features fully accessibility of all the tablet functionalities. The Ionic case has a beautiful combination of black and blue colors and is priced at $7.85 on Amazon US (£19 on Amazon UK) so grab one of the best cases for iPad Air 2 before it's too late.

#6 KHOMO Case for Apple iPad Air

ipad air 2 durable caseThis smart cover for iPad Air 2 has an ultra slim profile and greatly matches the thinness of your tablet. The KHOMO iPad Air Case is lightweight and adds not more than 7 ounces to your tablet weight. It is a great choice if you do not want to make your iPad bulky. The front of this case has a Polyurethane cover while the back is a hard and rubberized poly-carbonate protector. Your device is therefore well protected against scratches, dust, fingerprints, oils, impacts and other factors that can risk causing damage.

With the KHOMO Case, you are able to access all the buttons and ports on your iPad. Even the sleep/wake functionality is fully supported. A precise cutout is available for the camera on the back of the cover. The brilliant design of the case also allows users to stand their tablets either in horizontal or vertical positions. With its lightweight and super slim profile, the KHOMO cover provides the best choice to anyone who needs their iPad to keep its amazing looks while getting the best protection. Colors available for this case include black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white, green, red and their shades in varying degrees. The price of the case is $14.98 on Amazon.

#7 Ionic Rotating iPad Air 2 Cover

ipad air 2 rotating caseThis Ionic Rotating case for Apple iPad Air 2 is excellent for the protection of your tablet and it looks amazing on it. The exterior design with its premium quality pebble-grain leather offers the level of protection needed against impacts, drops and scratches. The interior has a soft microfiber lining which can’t scratch the device surfaces while it ensures there is an environment free of dust. The clever design of the case allows users to rotate it and view in either horizontal or vertical positions.

If you need an iPad Air 2 Case that offers protection to your tablet without compromising its slim profile, then this Ionic case is a great choice. You will easily access all the buttons, ports and the camera, so the cover doesn’t hinder functionality of the device in any way. Weighing only 5.6 ounces, this case is lightweight and gives the user confidence to take their tablet anywhere they need to use it. Ionic smart covers for iPad Air 2 are available in black, purple and also bright colours of choice. It is sold at a good price of $7.85 (£19.99 Amazon UK) which is probably unbeaten price for iPad Air 2 smart cases category.

#8 Magnetic iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

ipad air 2 smart cover caseThis smart cover is ultra slim and lightweight. The design maintains the slim profile of your Apple iPad Air 2 tablet. The Besdata Smart Cover can be separated from the back case when needed to. There is a complementary screen protector which effectively prevents scratches on your screen during day-to-day usage. The smart cover offers a great affordable alternative to the Apple smart cover without case. The cover is made of a material known as polyurethane and has an interior lining of microfiber which prevents damages like scratches and an environment that is dust-free.

Your iPad will automatically wake up on opening the smart cover, and similarly go to sleep on closing the cover. The iPad Air 2 smart cover is also excellently designed to fold in a manner that allows transformation into a stand. That makes it convenient for the users when watching movies or using FaceTime among other functionalities. One thing I most liked is that Apple logo at the back when it shines through the clear case. You will get the Besdata Magnetic iPad Air 2 smart case in black, green, blue, grey, orange, pink, purple, red and white. The price of this product is set to $10.77 (£8.99 on Amazon UK).

#9 i-BLASON iPad Air 2 Case with Strap

ipad air 2 smart cover hand strapThis smart case is one of the best cases for iPad Air 2 fully supporting the sleep and wake up function. The case is designed with an elastic hand strap to make sure the tablet feels comfortable and safe in your hand. The case also conveniently transforms into a stand to make watching videos, using FaceTime or other hands-free functions easy for you. The case is made of a synthetic leather material so it is durable and tough enough to protect your iPad against impacts, scratches and other risks.

The i-BLASON smart case for iPad Air 2 is easy to install and has precise cutouts allowing access to all the jacks, speaker and the camera. The leather case is extremely durable however, it maintain lightweight profile. It features both a functional as well as a stylish design appeals to the Apple iPad users. It has a slot for inserting business cards or credit cards as well as a pen holder where you put the bonus stylus. You can get this smart cover case for iPad Air 2 with hand strap in black, blue, magenta and purple colors. The price is reasonable at $4.99 on Amazon at the time of writing.

#10 Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Case

ultrathin-keyboard-cover-for-ipad air 2This Ionic Apple iPad Air 2 keyboard case is a unique product that most iPad tablet owners would like to own. It does protect your tablet against many risks to damage, but most importantly it also provides extended functionalities. It comes with Bluetooth keyboard that easily connects to allow fast typing using full qwerty keyboard. So if you looking for cool iPad Air 2 cases, this is the one to go for. You simply switch on the side of the keyboard to power it then press to connect to the iPad tablet. The tablet must also have its Bluetooth activated to search and find the keyboard.

This iPad Air 2 cover uses a clasp and snaps on to close. It does not make use of any magnet, so it does not interfere with the functioning of your tablet such as when using its light sensor. If you want protection for your tablet, but also need the benefits of a stand and a Bluetooth keyboard, this Ionic case makes a great investment. It will definitely cut down the cost of buying such accessories separately. This unique multifunctional Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air 2 is available in silver color and is priced at $19.8 on Amazon, not bad at all for one of the best iPad Air 2 cases with keyboard. last but not least, until the release of  Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad Air 2, this is in my opinion is the best option for us.

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