Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases

The new iPhone 6 hit the market by storm. Many people sought for this smartphone from Apple Inc. As demand increases, people’s needs changed from the idea of owning a smartphone to prolonged usage of the smartphone. This could not be possible with the iPhone 6’s battery alone. This is why different companies have taken up the initiative to provide people with extended battery life – by the use of battery cases.

Protection of the iPhone 6 is another issue. Its price is high thus any owner of this smartphone will protect it to the fullest. Drops and hard knocks are the main issues that may damage your iPhone 6, not forgetting scratches, which spoil your touchscreen. Battery cases and covers have the ability to protect your iPhone 6 Smartphone effectively from these hazards while giving you extra juice.

 Below are some of the best iPhone 6 battery cases and covers, discussed in detail to help you choose the best iPhone 6 battery case.

Prices and availability will be updated regularly

#1 Mophie Battery Case

iphone 6 juice pack mophieMophie pride themselves in making the best battery cases and their juice pack variants are full of power. The Juice Pack H2PRO offers both waterproof protection and at the same time gives your iPhone 6 100% extra battery life. The Juice Pack Air, has a unique flip switch design that is used to fire up the battery case, it offers 100% extra battery life as well but it is not waterproof and it 's also available for iPhone 6 Plus. The Juice Pack Air Plus has more power than the H2PRO and the Air. It offers up to 120% extra battery life to the iphone 6 and it has a hard protection shell that protects it from heavy falls and impacts. Last but not least, the Juice Pack Ultra offers even more punch in terms of power as it offers up to 150% extra battery life to the iPhone 6. It has a hard exterior shell together with the impact isolation system that soften the damage of the phone if it falls very hard. The Mophie battery cases all have led lights at the back to show how much power is left in the battery cases. They also have an integrated standby switch that when toggled will stay on standby until the switch is tapped again then and only then will it start charging the phone again.

#2 Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery

trianium battery case iphone 6Trianium  is the best selling iPhone 6 battery case on Amazon. This well styled case comes is one of the few cases that has the synch through technology that enables the user to synch his or her iphone to their computer without having to remove the battery case.The case also comes with a 1 year warranty from zvoltz and it works with IOS 8 and all the future updates the operating system will get. The case boasts of a 3100mah built in lithium polymer battery that can easily provide an extra 100% battery life for your iphone 6.You can have the case in either black,champagne gold clear or silver clear together with your well placed cutouts for your usb ports and buttons. The case sells for $49.99 on Amazon.

#3 Alpatronix Battery Case

alpatronix iphone 6 battery caseThe Alpatronix Battery Case is certified by Apple, due to its compatibility with most of the latest Apple models, more specifically the iPhone 6. This amazing battery case comes with 2400mAh of additional power, assuring you more time on the iPhone 6. It actually gives your smartphone double life, thus you will enjoy using our smartphone for longer periods. This iPhone 6 Battery Case come with 2 extra bumpers, and despite this fits the smartphone perfectly. Protection is guaranteed by the raised front lid of this battery case, which offers your screen maximum protection. Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 6 has no compatibility issues with the iOS. You can connect your smartphone to a computer and sync easily even when the phone is in the battery case. A range of color ranges are available for this iPhone 6 Battery case that retails at only $47.95 on Amazon.

#4 Stalion Extended Charging Case

stalion battery case for iphone 6A stylish charging case that comes with 3100mah of power to charge your iphone 6.The case has four led lights that indicate how much power is left in the battery case so that you can know when to recharge the charging case.The black power button at the bottom right corner of the charging case is used to turn on the charging case which in turn starts charging your iphone.The sleek case fits the iphone perfectly and gives a stylish look and if that is not enough, the case comes with a smart sensor that prevents overcharging and overheating of your phone.The charging case comes with two interchangeable frames apart from the jet black.The quick sliver and the space grey frames come along with it.The MFI chip supports full charging capabilities and will revive your iphone in no time and restore it to full charge. The case sells at $44.99.

#5 iBlason Battery Case for iPhone 6

iblaosn iphone 6 battery coverThe case has built in 3200mah smart ion lithium polymer battery which has the ability to charge the iphone 6 to up to 100% additional battery life.This means longer talk time longer browsing basically longer everything in your iphone.The holster has a sporty design that makes all the ports accessible and it is MFI certified meaning any updates to the operating system will work with the holster as well. The holster comes in black, blue and orange and it's sold for $49.99 on Amazon. iBlaosn does sells another external battery case with smoother shape similar to Mophis Pack.

#6 ZVOLTZ Case

battery cases for iphon 6This well styled case comes is one of the few cases that has the synch through technology that enables the user to synch his or her iphone to their computer without having to remove the battery case.The case also comes with a 1 year warranty from zvoltz and it works with IOS 8 and all the future updates the operating system will get.The case boasts of a 3100mah built in lithium polymer battery that can easily provide an extra 100% battery life for your iphone 6.You can have the case in either black,champagne gold clear or silver clear together with your well placed cutouts for your usb ports and buttons. The case goes for $39.99 on Amazon.

#7 Zuzo Extended Battery Case

zuzo iphone 6 battery caseThis battery case has the ability to charge both the external battery case and the internal iPhone 6 battery. The iPhone is an expensive and delicate smartphone thus needs ultimate protection which is provided for by the Generic Extended Battery Case. An opening for the 3.5mm headphone is present in the case. Its 2200mAh power capacity ensures you have more battery life, and its smart low self-consumption sleep mode conserves power efficiently. Generic Extended Battery Cases have LED indicators, whose main function is to inform you about the remaining power in your iPhone 6. This is one of the best selling iPhone 6 battery cases and comes in plenty of colors: black, pink, sky blue, butterfly on the sea, green and white. Its price at $27.95 means it is very cheap and is available to every iPhone 6 owner.

#8 Kinps Battery Case

knips iphone 6 plus caseEncompassing 7000mAh capacity, the Kinps Battery Case is a very powerful battery case that offers your iPhone 6 protection and additional battery power. Its battery capacity means that it has almost double the power for most iPhone Battery Cases. This beautiful battery case can power 80% while in constant use. It is MFI-certified meaning that is compatible with the latest Apple Operating Systems iOS 8.3. Attaching the Kinps Battery Case to your iPhone is simplified as it has a two piece slider design and the rubber material maintains grip of your phone in your hand. A stand at the back of the battery case gives you comfort while watching videos. Precise cutouts in the battery case permit perfect access to cameras, microphones and most significantly the headphone jack. Kinps Battery Case for iPhone 6 is available in white and black and it's reasonably priced at $24.99.

#9 UNU Battery Case need of additional battery life for your iPhone 6? UNU Battery Case is the right choice for you. With the built-in 2850mAh power capacity, it offers longer battery life by giving you additional 120% of your internal battery power – an additional 10 hours talk-time. Battery power level LED indicators are provided for you, and an integrated charging switch is an icing on the cake. Protection is guaranteed by this battery case as it offers your iPhone 6 360 protection from falls, drops and scratches. The aesthetic value of the UNU Battery Case for iPhone 6 is very high as it is designed from a combination of geometrical shapes and the human anatomy, thus giving this battery case an ergonomic touch. Several colors are availables for the UNU Battery Case like Black, White and Ted which all comes at a cost of $49.99.

#10 1Byone Battery Case

battery case iphone 6 plusBeing Apple MFI-certified, the 1Byone Battery Case for iPhone 6 is a very slim battery case that ensures your smartphone remains light. You are also guaranteed extended use because of its Apple certification, which means it won’t become absolute once an iOS update is released. Installation and uninstallation of the 1Byone Battery Case for iPhone 6 is very easy. Edges of your iPhone 6 are protected perfectly by the strength of the 1Byone iPhone 6 Battery Case. Its 3100mAh power capacity confirms a double operating time on your iPhone. Charging, using the included micro-USB cable, and syncing to iTunes can be done simultaneously if you have the 1Byone Battery Case. This iPhone 6 Battery Case is flawless as it comes with a protective IC circuit, which makes it to avoid sort-circuit that may be caused by malfunctions over time and by charging. The LED indicator on this iPhone 6 Battery Case shows you the power level at all times.This iPhone Battery Case comes in a variety of colors, which include gray, gold, silver and black. Priced at $39.99, means that everyone can afford the 1Byone Battery Case for iPhone 6.

#11 Elivebuy Kickstand Battery Case

iphone 6 wallet battery caseThis unique looking battery case come with a 3400 mah inbuilt battery that provides 150% charge to your iPhone 6.It is however only compatible with the 4.7 inch variant of the iPhone 6. This however does not take anything away from this powerful battery case.It has well placed cutouts for the buttons and the ports and the speakers are accessible. The fully protective hard shell case provides more than enough protection for the iPhone 6. If you dropped your phone the case would protect the phone from the fall all while still charging. The case is fully compatible with IOS 8 and all future updates to the operating system.It also has well placed led lights that will inform you when you need to recharge it and how much power is left in the battery case. The case uses a micro usb port that allows power transfer and data transfer all in the same port. The Elivebuy case is now sold for just $30.99

#12 MaxBoost Vivid Battery Case

iphone 6 battery case maxboostThis battery case gives your iPhone ultra-power using its 2400mAh battery power, adding 11 hours talk-time, 11 hours of video playback, 15 hours of surfing and 35 hours of music playback. Being small and fitting, the MaxBoost Atomic Battery Case for iPhone 6 fits perfectly in your pocket or hand. This battery case is the perfect choice as it is lightweight and at the same time protects your iPhone and improves performance. MaxBoost Battery Case has a MicroUSB input port and a lightning output port, and the case’s ability to pass through data and power makes it easier for syncing of your iPhone 6. Numerous colors are available for you to choose from; black/pink, black/blue, black/purple, black/black, white/black, white/pink, white/blue and white/silver. This battery case for iPhone 6 is priced at $69.95.

#13 Lenmar Battery Case

lenmar iphone 6 caseLenmar Battery Case for iPhone 6 is a very important accessory for your iPhone 6 that helps to complement your smartphone. Lenmar Battery Case is MFI Apple certified thus is compatible to all operating systems from Apple Inc. This battery case comes with a built-in 3100mAh power proficiency that gives your iPhone 6 and additional 100% of battery life, and has the ability to charge your iPhone 6 battery. It comes in two pieces of set that make installation very easy for you. Protection of your iPhone 6 smartphone is guaranteed by the rubber casing on the battery case, and the precise cut-outs maintain accessibility to all ports. Power level is always available to you, which is made possible by the presence of the LED power indicator. On-Off button is also available, which toggles whether or not to use the additional power. Colors come in black, red, gold and white; and is available at $63.99.

#14 EasyAcc Battery Case

easy acc iphone 6 battery externalEasyAcc iPhone 6 Battery Case for is an environmentally friendly pack, due to its battery being made from Li-polymer and is certified by FCC, CE and RoHS. The battery also has overcurrent and overvoltage protection that warrant that your battery case will not explode at any time. Having a MFI Apple certification, you need not worry about compatibility issues of any kind. Its 3200mAh guarantee you smartphone double life, thus more texting, calling and surfing the internet. Its easy-to-read LED power meter gives you an update on your iPhone 6’s battery power level and indicates when to recharge your battery by simply pressing the power button. EasyAcc Battery case for iPhone 6 comes in black color and costs as little as $33.99.

#15 Anker Battery Case

iphone 6 anker battery caseBeing MFI Apple certified, the Anker Battery Case for iPhone 6 is a great accessory to boost your phone life. It is thus compatible to all versions of iOS, including the most recent iOS 8.3+. It also comes with 2850mAh battery capacity, which doubles the battery power of your iPhone and gives you an extended use of your smartphone. This additional power mean that it adds 120% of power and only doubling the thickness of your iPhone 6, not the weight. Protection of your expensive iPhone 6 is enhanced by plastic material used in the manufacture of the Anker Battery Case. Scratches and bumps or falls are catered for. Accurate cut-outs on the case maintain accessibility of the camera, buttons and the headphone jack. You will also be in the know of your remaining power level, thanks to the four LEDs at the back of the case. Anker Case for iPhone 6 comes in two mid-night blue and black, and costs $39.99.

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