Best iPhone 6 Accessories 2015

Phone accessories consist of any hardware or software that is not vital to the functionality of a mobile phone as crafted by the creator. Currently, the market offers a wide variety of such accessories. Some are specific to certain mobile brands while others are standard to all. Since phone accessories are not crucial to the performance of a device, it is often upon an individual to decide whether to use them or not. The accessories are usually created and sold separately by either mobile phone manufacturers or companies that specialize in just making phone accessories.

The mobile brand iPhone which is a product of Apple Inc is widely known throughout the world. There are numerous brands of the model with the iPhone 6 being one of the popular ones. With the increasing need for people to personal and increase the functionality of their devices, there has been need to come up with accessories for the iPhone 6 and all other Apple products as well. Most of such accessories have to be tested and approved by the mobile manufacturer to prove their authenticity.

For iPhone 6 users, there are numerous accessories in the market for them. They all have various uses and retail at different prices. Most iPhone 6 accessories are usually there to complement what the phone already offers. They work to improve or give a better user experience. Sometimes it is difficult for phone manufacturers to incorporate some hardware and software into their products and the only way to make up for the gap caused by this inability is to make use of phone accessories. Looking at iPhone 6 accessories that serve this purpose, you get to realize that sometimes they are a way cutting down on costs. For instance, if you needed a camera with a better resolution, buying a relevant phone accessory would be cheaper than buying a camera.

Other than improving user experience, iPhone 6 accessories can also be used for protective functions. IPhones are prone to scratches, falls or spills. Due to their sensitive nature, it is then wise to make use of protective iPhone 6 accessories. These include cases and screen covers. Such accessories ensure that the aesthetic value of your phone remains untainted even with exposure to any destructive elements. Using iPhone accessories to protect your phone prolongs its life span and therefore you can enjoy what if offers for a much longer time. It also saves you money which would otherwise have been used to make repairs which can be avoided.

Personalization is another idea behind the creation of phone accessories. People want to express themselves and portray their personalities by changing how the look of their phones. There numerous iPhone 6 accessories for this purpose made to suit different preferences and tastes. They are in form of both hardware and software. Such iPhone 6 accessories may be used to change phone appearance, fonts, phone display and even notification sounds. Customization iPhone 6 accessories are widely used throughout the world. This could be said to the most common use of phone accessories.

The following is a list of some of the best iPhone 6 accessories and a brief description about them.

 #1 Olloclip Quick Connect Lens

iphone 6 lensThis is one of the easiest to use iPhone 6 accessories meant to improve iPhone 6’s photo experience. The device consists of a fisheye, 2 macro lenses and a wide angle all packed in a compact and convenient design. Its dimensions are 7.25’’ x 4.5’’ x 1.25 inches and its weight is 1oz which is equivalent to 28.35 grams. The Olloclip fisheye lens captures a field view of approximately 180 degrees. One of the macro lenses’ has a resolution of 10x and a focus distance of approximately 18mm while the other has a 15x resolution and a focus distance of 12mm. When in need of an extra field view, the wide angle view comes in handy as its view is twice that of a normal iPhone.

Olloclip has a sleek design which makes it easy to carry around. It is made from carefully chosen materials that guarantee quality and durability. It can be easily clipped on or removed from your phone. This iPhone accessory is compatible with most apps and works just as well in video mode. It comes with lens caps and a microfiber casing. The lens is sold for $43.99 on Amazon US (UK: £34.95).

#2 Bowers & Wilkins Z2

wireless airplay speaker iphone 6Bowers & Wilkins Z2 is a creatively fashioned compact wireless Airplay speaker integrated with a lightning dock. Of all such iPhone 6 accessories, none is yet to match up to the Bowers & Wilkins Z2. The device produces an immaculate sound which keeps your music sounding amazingly rich and controlled regardless of how loud you play it. The technologies behind the great performance of this accessory include Digital Signal Processing, impeccable Digital to Analogue Converters and audiophile ranked electronics.

With the Z2, you can stream your favorite playlist from your iTunes library regardless of your location. You can also link up several of the accessories to build a wireless multi-room sound arrangement. The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 design makes it ideal for almost any home environment. The lightning connector is designed to vanish from view whenever not in use and can be used to charge your iPhone. It is easy to set up this accessory thanks to the free Bowers & Wilkins Control app that acts as a guide. It also comes with a remote control and power supply. The speaker is priced for $599 on Amazon (£999 on Amazon UK).

#3 Bose Quiet Comfort 20i

bose quite for ipone 6This is the first in-ear noise cancelling headphones model from Bose. Unlike similar iPhone 6 accessories, this lets you enjoy quality sound from your iPhone no matter where you go. The headphones mute the world around you so that you can enjoy your music. The accessory is absolutely about you. It allows you turn on the noise cancellation to avoid distractions from your surrounding or put on the Aware Mode that keeps you in touch with what is happening around you. The headphones are shaped to appear like a mushroom which spreads evenly across the ear offering maximum comfort and full-range noise cancellation.

The headphones use TriPort®technology to deliver enhanced sound. It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lets you use it for up to 16 hours. The headphones can be used without battery and come with a USB charging cable. Other features of this iPhone accessory include inline volume control, sound isolating, stereo and active noise cancelling. Price: $299 on Amazon US (£299 on Amazon UK)

#4 Mophie Juice Pack

mophie juice pack for iphone 6The Mophie Juics Pack lets you take full advantage of everything your iPhone is offering you without having to worry about charging it. It is a battery casing engineered to boost the performance of your iPhone’s battery. The market may have several such iPhone 6 accessories put this particular one has been fully tested and approved by Apple. The casing has a smart rechargeable battery concealed on the inside but still remains lightweight and soft upon touch. It covers most of your iPhone thus also serving the purpose of protection. The case is designed to have an open top which lets you make use of any headphone jack. It also offers easy access to ports, buttons and the camera lens.

This Apple certified accessory offers an additional 6 hours of talk time, 9 hours of video playback and up to 36 hours of video playback. It has 4 LED lights at the bottom which let you know how much power is left in the juice pack and also notifies you of the status while charging. The case is ultra-thin and comes in a sleek beautiful design. The Mophie Juice Pack Air uses smart battery technology that always drains its battery first before using that of your phone. The retail price for this case is about $55 on Amazon.

#5 Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset for iPhone 6

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset  iphone 6This is a small, light and comfortable headset available in four colors­­­; black, silver, bronze and red. It comes with improved ear fittings and is one of the tiniest Bluetooth headsets of all such iPhone 6 accessories. It uses Military-grade NoiseAssassin® technology that shuts out any noise from the surrounding. The Era audio conveys crystal clear sound not only for phone calls, but also for music. It comes with a sleek charging case that ensures you always have power everywhere you go. Along the top edge of the device there is a micro-USB port and a single multi-function button that can be used to answer calls, activate Siri and other functions.

Despite its size, the Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset manages to include all the basic features. Its design is highly innovative giving it a stylish appearance. It is also made from high quality materials with absolute precision which guarantee you safety, comfort and durability. The headset is sold on Amazon for $70 (UK for £80) and from different sellers

#6 Beats by Dre Solo 2

beats by dr dre solo 2 iphone 6They come in a solid metal casing that kicks off vibrations and any other sound that may be interfering with your listening experience. They are tough and you need not worry about them getting fray anytime soon. With urBeats headphones, you can easily switch between music and incoming calls.

The headphones are tangle free contrary to most headphones. They are of the appropriate weight and length making them very comfortable. Your whole music experience changes with this headset; it is one of the best iPhone 6 accessories made in conjunction with Apple Inc and Beats by Dr. Dre. Price: $199 on Amazon (UK: £169)

#7 iOttie iPhone 6 Dashboard Car Mount

ottie iphone 6 car mountThere are not so many iPhone 6 accessories for car owners but there is the iOttie iPhone 6 Dashboard Car Mount. This is a car mount device that focuses on functionality. It is has a simple one touch system that allows you to mount and release your phone with just a single push. The mounting device has a super strong extra-large suction cup that let it stick securely to most even surfaces and remain easily removable at the same time. The suction cup has an infinite lifetime, rinse it with warm water, dry it and it will be as good as new once again. Whether your phone is protected with a skin or case, this accessory securely grips it. The mount can also be fully adjusted as it comes with a 360 degrees rotation ability that lets you get both landscape and portrait views from your phone. The price for the mount is $19.99 on Amazon  (UK: £19.78) and around $29

#8 Belkin EaseFit Armband

belkin armband iphone 6Our mobile devices have practically become part of our lives. We want to have them where we are, which is sometimes quite challenging. Using the Belkin EaseFit Armband, you can hit the gym or go for a run with your phone comfortably kept. The armband keeps your phone intact at hand but out of your way so that you go about your business without worry. It wraps securely around your arm thanks to its slim and form-fitting design that lets it stay in place. It can be adjusted to give a custom fit. The band is made from a flexible and lightweight fabric. It is also washable which ensures it remains clean. The biggest advantage of this accessory is that it has a clear window which then allows use your phone without pulling it out from the armband. You can get this armband for just $12.19 on Amazon (UK:£19.99) or for around $10

 #9 Anker PowerBank Portable Charger

Anker Astro3E 10000mAh external battery pack iphone 6There are a number of models of the Anker PowerBank Portable Charger. Basically what this device does is storing power which can later be used to charge your phone. Most Anker power banks are crafted to be highly compatible with most devices which include the iPhone 6. Depending on the device capacity, it may charge your phone fully or to almost full. It is designed to be highly portable which lets you have power for your phone whenever and wherever. The Anker power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They usually come with their own cable which is used to charge both it and the phone. The price tag for the charger is $25 on Amazon and

#10 VicTsing Magnetic Detachable Fish-Eye Lens

VicTsing Magnetic Detachable Fish-Eye Lens iphone 6This gadget aims at improving iPhone 6 photo experiences. It is easy to fix and detach it which allows you take photos with your phone any time. The Lens captures high quality pictures that are very clear. The VicTsing Magnetic Detachable Fish-Eye Lens is made from strong and durable materials guaranteeing you value for your money.

The lens securely fit on your phone thanks to the magnetic ring used. The macro lens resolution and focus distance gives you an enhanced photography experience. It also has a wide angle lens ideal for taking pictures of large ranges. For convenience, the lenses are attached to a cord and clip so that it stays attached to your phone and remains easily accessible. You can get this Lens for just $9.29 on Amazon US.

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