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Whenever a person spends their money to purchase high-tech products like iPhone 6, their desire is to see such products last for the longest period possible. However, without proper care and maintenance, this can just be in vain. That's why I would recommend that once you purchase your new iPhone 6, you should consider purchasing a protective case for it. iPhone 6 cases come in a variety of designs, brands, shapes and decors. When choosing a case for your iPhone 6, it is important to conduct prior market research to determine whic case suits you the best. Since market research is a labourous job to do, you need notto worry. Below is a list of the top 25 iPhone 6 cases that I choose carefully from hundered of cases sold online so make you life easier. Also, I do have another website deals with with Note 5 accessories, so please head there if you're interested.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases will fit the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus,  manufacturers confirmed

LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

lifeproof case iphone 6 waterproofI will start with my favorite, LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case which is designed light, thin and strong enough to withstand various damages including Water. This strong iPhone 6 case is also designed able to withstand the impacts of dirt, snow, water and shock. It comes with properly trimmed openings that allow access to all phone features and components. With its thin size, the case forms nice looking showcases to the phone making it to look more beautiful. This case is created from high quality materials that are strong and durable to endure various impacts. The case is submersible up to 2 meters and comes with built-in scratch protector for the screen. In addition, it comes with headphone jack cover keeper, cleaning cloth and headphone adaptor. The cost of this case is a bit higher as compared to other cases at $79.99 from the official website or from Amazon as well or from

but trust me, it's worth every penny. Lifeproof has also recently announced Lifeproof Nudd and Fre Power for iPhone 6 which is a waterproof and battery case at the same time.

#1 Supcase iPhone 6 Case

supcase for iphone 6Having the best style with your iPhone 6 is vital to everyone. That is why the Supcase [Unicorn Beetle Series] case is one of the top picks nowadays. This is my wife's best case for iPhone 6 by the way. It enhances your phone stylish look and at the same time offers the best protection. Materials used to make it which are soft thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate materials which are hard, makes this case defensive enough against common hazards like scratches and drops. Shocks are also taken care of as the materials used in the manufacture of this case have shock absorbing capabilities.

Easy installation is another great feature of this case which is insured by its Snap-On cover. Style is not let out of this case as it has a sporty design that makes is attractive and modish. Accessibility to key components of your iPhone is not ignored as this case makes the touchscreen, ports, camera and other ports easy to get to.

Clear, Black, Green, Blue and Red are the available colors of this case and the best part is; the economically retail price of just $19.99 $17.99 on Amazon (Amazon UK: £4.7) as well as on

#2 Rearth Ringke Slim Case

iphone 6 slim caseI put this case on the second place because it  was one of the most sold iPhone 5 cases on Amazon for years. This iPhone 6 case comes with one screen protector that works to keep the screen safe from potential damages. The case also has an elegant slim design that improves its performance besides a premium soft feel on its exterior something that makes it quite comfortable to use. It's made of strong and durable materials that can protect your iPhone 6 from different sources whether corrosion, rusting or water. This product is also user-friendly in such that it is easy to install besides allowing users to access all features of their phones. The high tech coating in the case as well makes it easier for people to clean dirt and fingerprints. Finally, the case is available in different colours and sold for just $6.99 on Amazon.

#3 Spigen iPhone 6 Bumper Case

spigen iphone 6 slim caseSpigen has been always one of the first cases manufacturers to produce covers for the new iPhone 6, even before the phone was actually released. Apparently, they got the  precise dimension of the new iPhone from Apple allowing them to start producing their beautiful accessories range well before launch. The Spigen Bumper is a tough iPhone 6 case that sports "Aadvanced Shock Absorption Technology (Web Pattern )" thanks to the TPU and Polycarbonate materials used for better drop and scratch protection. The case is extremely slim and add minimum weight to the phone; finished with shiny Metallized  buttons. Different Spigen cases are already available; so you can choose between the Slim Bumper with Metallized buttons, the Crystal Clear case or the SF coated slim case. For iPhone 6 Plus owners, they can opt for Spigen Capsule case which is sold for $13 on Amazon.Spigen cases are also  

#4 OtterBox Defender iPhone 6 Case

otterbox defender iphone 6 caseOne of the best iPhone 6 cases is OtterBox Defender. OtterBox Defender case features a multi-layered design that is able to withstand impacts, wear and tear plus other environmental elements such as corrosion and acids. This iPhone 6 case comes with a customized built-in screen protector;  a feature that protects the phone’s screen from scratches and smudges. It also features high performance rubber tabs that protect the phone’s ports from debris, dust and dirty particles. In addition, the case is created with two strong coats, the inner shell and the rubber layer that boosts its ability to withstand different environmental impacts. OtterBox Defender iPhone 6 case also sports a strong belt attachment, slim profile and a customized design that makes it convenient and user-friendly. If you're looking to purchase this heavy-duty iPhone 6 case, it's now available for order on Otterbox official website for $59.90 as well as on Amazon. iPhone 6 Plus owners can order their case from here for slightly higher price of $69.90. Finally, If you want to build and customize your own case, please follow this link.

#5 i-Blason Armor Box

iphone 6 casesAnother great case from the well-respected i-Blason. The Armorbox, probably my best case for iPhone 6 is made of Polycarbonate hard outer shell combined with sturdy flexible TPU as an inner case. This combination provides dual layer protection from all kinds of impacts, drops and scratches. The case comes with a built-in screen protector to guard the beautiful screen of your iPhone. i-Blason has a unique way of protection called "Advanced Protection Technology" featuring dotted-pattern Layout mad of TPU core for improved shock and impact absorption. The case sports precise cut-out around the corners allowing easy access to buttons, speakers, camera and all other ports. Finally, this iPhone 6 case is available for iPhone 6 and  iPhone 6 Plus ($19.99) with a variety of color options such as White, Black, Green, Blue and Red and sold for promotional offer of less than $5 on Amazon US (£19.95 on Amazon UK). The case can be


#6 Supcase [Dual Layer Hybrid] Case

iphone 6 rugged caseAnother great cover for iPhone 6 made by Supcase is the Supcase [Dual Layer Hybrid] Case. From its name, you can already tell that protection for your pricy iPhone 6 is guaranteed. A protective armor between your iPhone 6 and the accidental fall, scrape or scratch is provided for you by this amazing case. The materials which are soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC) offer maximum protection to your smartphone.

Installation is eased by its Snap-On feature, hence real-time protection and style for your iPhone 6. A stylish and attractive look of your iPhone 6 is maintained by its sporty design. Precise cutouts made on this case give you the ability to access all components of your iPhone 6, including ports and of course the touchscreen. Its slim body-design makes your iPhone 6 easy to carry as it adds very diminutive weight to your smartphone.

Many color combination choices like Black, Orange, Blue and Red are available for you to choose from. With you, the customer in mind, this case for iPhone 6 is inexpensively priced on Amazon at an astonishing price of only $14.99, so get your piece of protection at an affordable price today.

#7 OtterBox Commuter

otterbox commuter iphone 6 caseOtterBox commuter is another common type of iPhone 6 cases. Otterbox, the well-respected and probably number 1 case producer in the world has designed the Commuter in such a way that it can withstand all types of damages whether scratches, corrosion or dings while not compromising the sleek look. This is because it is fitted with a high-impact polycarbonate shell and protective film all around and coated with a silicon skin that works to absorb and reduce shocks. The make and design of this case will give owners easy access all features and functions on the phone. The case is stylish and comes with beautiful colours that help enhance the look of your phone. The Commuter covers all phones ports and jacks to block dust and dirt while maintaining sleek profile. If you confused between this case and the Defender series, it just a lighter version of the aforementioned Defender case with slimmer design. The case comes with frustration-free packaging and sold for $39.90 from the official Otterbox website. iPhone 6 Plus owners can grab this case for $49.90.

#8 Gmyle Wallet Case

gmyle iphone 6 wallet caseWith no doubt, Gymle Wallet case is one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases ever made. It’s also the company's best-selling case for the past years as it has impressive number of positive reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. The case sports beautiful design with fine touches such as the stitching finish which make it look bosh and luxurious. The case is engineered in a way that it can be used as a Stand view mode making it enjoyable to watch videos or reading lengthy articles. To suit all needs and life styles, the cover is available in different combination of colours but the one that I really love, is the traditional Green/Black. Gmyle wallet case for iPhone 6 provides you the protection you need thanks to the high quality material used and the implementation secure magnetic flip closure. The case can be purchased from Amazon for an affordable price of just $5.

#9 Speck CandyShell Grip

iphone 6 plus case specks candy shellSpecks CandyShell case is also included in the class of the top best cases for iPhone 6. The exterior surface of CandyShell Grip is strong enough to endure damages yet smooth enough to ease its removal from one’s pockets. It is also constructed with a rubbery and soft interior features that make it able to absorb and reduce the shock that result when the phone is dropped. With the raised bezel, the case is able to protect the screen from impacts and drops. The bezel coat helps provides a better grip to avoid sliding when placed in smooth surfaces. Specks CandyShell is one on of the best iPhone 6 Plus cases and is available in different colors (my fav is the green) and sold on Amazon for $34.95

#10 Incipio Dual Pro iPhone 6 case

incipio dual pro iphpne 6Incipio Dual Pro iPhone 6 case is also a great option for anyone looking for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus case. This case is designed with a strong plextonium plastic exterior that can guard the phone from damages. Besides its sturdiness, the product is also reinforced with a silicone core whose function is to gently reduce and absorb shock. The product is user-friendly and quite convenient as it provides full access to all controls and ports in the phone. It is also created with custom-made holes which provide access to the camera and buttons. Unlike other cheap iPhone 6 cases, this case is designed strong enough to last for a very long period without replacement. The market price for this case varies from one seller to the other hence it is important to determine who to purchase from. One of the best places to buy the case is in Amazon as they offer it at a low price of $18.99 (£24.95 on Amazon UK).

#11 i-Blason Hostler Case

iphone 6 hostler case iblasonYou can also opt for i-Blason Hostler case for your phone protection needs. The case is designed from hard-built polycarbonate materials a feature that makes it able to withstand various impacts that result from drops and scratches. It is also reinforced with silicone materials on its inner shell to absorb and reduce shocks. To enhance its performance and make it more convenient, the case has been fitted with a hard back case and a locking belt clip holster. The lock swivel belt design is flexible enough to be extended into different positions allowing people to watch videos at different angles. If you want to buy this case, it is available on Amazon for $14.95 (£12 on Amazon UK). iPhone 6 Plus case is sold for $19.99. Also, you can get it

#12 Q CARD CM4 Wallet Case

iphone 6 wallet case cm4Q CARD CM4 Wallet Case is another great one to choose for your new iPhone 6. Unlike other cases, this wallet case is designed in a way to able to fit three credit cards and some cash on the back. Due to the patent pending soft touch rubber and premium fabric construction, the case features a streamlined room for all sorts of things. In addition, it comes with natural Throw buttons and lay-flat Screen Guard make that boost its ability to connect with the iPhone and protect its screen. The design of this product resembles a wallet but features more unique and functional features that make it more than just a wallet. Considering that its finish is quite smooth and soft, you can easily remove it from your pocket. If you want to make some savings when buying this product, you can get it at promotional offer of $31.99 from Amazon.

#13 Case-Mate Slim Tough

case-mate iphone 6 casesAnother beautiful case used for iPhone 6 is Case-Mate Slim Tough. Case-mate has always produced the most elegant and delicate cases on the market with top quality materials and excellent customer satisfaction. This case is designed from strong and durable hardwood materials that are able to withstand different types of damages including scratches and drops. The upper layer of the case is coated with a silicone liner and bezel material that makes it very durable. Various types of Case-Mate cases are available with different designs and colors hence you would have a wide range of options to choose from. Although very slim, some Case Mate case sport a built-in kickstand suitable for watching videos either in portrait or landscape viewing angle. Case-Mate range of iPhone 6 Plus cases starts from $20 to $50, and can be bought from the official Case-Mate website or alternatively from Amazon.

#14 X-Doria  TPU Case for iPhone 6

x doria case for iphone 6This fashionableX-Doria Grip Case for iPhone 6 ticks all the boxes for me. It's so beautiful and trendy which has a clear body, allowing you to see through the natural look of your iPhone 6.

Its rubber outside and a hard polycarbonate case offer full-time protection to your iPhone 6, thus you need not to concern over bumps, falls and scratches. Dropping your iPhone is made harder as this case comes with an additional feature such as the textured perimeter, which increases the phone grip.

Camo Green, Pink and Black are the main colors in stock for the X-Doria Scene Grip TPU Case with a sale price $24.99 on Amazon.

#15 Urban Armor Gear

iphone 6 urban armor caseAnother popular iPhone 6 case is Urban Armor Gear. Even though these cases are very light, they are sturdy enough to withstand the impacts of scratches and damages. The case features very striking designs something that can make your phone look more amazing and attractive. Due to its unique design, it allows complete access to all ports and controls within the phone. It also has custom-made openings that provide access to the phone camera and speaker. Besides all these, this case comes with a screen protector and a cleaning kit  for keeping the screen safe. Urban Armor Gear case manufacturer supply these cases in varied designs and colors hence you can decide on which design or color to opt for from thier page on Amazon.

#16 Spigen Tough Armor Case

spigen tough armor for iphone 6While searching for the best iPhone 6 cases, you can also opt for Spigen Tough Armor. The great thing with this case is that it features removable dual layer made from different materials for extreme protection against drops and impacts. It also comes with a logo opening that come with film kits for covering the ports and jacks in your phone. The spider web-like pattern in the interior of this TPU case is also strong enough to withstand impacts from dropping and scratches. The Air Cushion feature works well in protecting all four corners of the phone. These cases come with various colors but my favourite are the champagne gold with black. The case is sold on Amazon for $26.99 (£16.99 on Amazon UK).Spigen Tough Armor cases are also

#17 Supcase [Heavy Duty] Case

heavy duty case iphone 6 This case from Supcase [Heavy Duty] for iPhone 6 has an easy Snap-On feature which makes installation and uninstallation very stress-free. Detailed cutouts made on this case make all ports and other key components of your iPhone 6 accessible.

Protection is well taken care of by a dual layer, which incorporates a hard polycarbonate shell and a TPU layer which is supple. The combination of these two layers give your iPhone ultimate protection thus hard falls, bumps and scratches will not impact your costly iPhone 6. Water and dust are also taken care of as this case is highly water and dust resistant. A shock absorption feature of the TPU layer will make your iPhone 6 shock-proof as well. the case come supplied with front screen protector that guards the screen without interfering with the screen sensitivity.

The three interchangeable covers, which come in Gun Metal, Silver and Gold colors make your iPhone 6 look attractive and sophisticated.

This Supcase iPhone 6 case comes in Black color, with the three interchangeable covers mentioned above and is very low-priced at only $19.99 on Amazon.

#18 Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen neo hybrid iphone 6 4.7This iPhone 6 Neo Hybrid case features strong and durable protection against all sort of daily impacts. It is made of sturdy UV coated polycarbonate frames which, are reinforced with polymer finishes to enhance its ability to endure damages. It also features a sleek feeling and nice looking design. The combination between polycarbonate and TPU materials makes it strong enough to withstand scratch and drops. This iPhone 6 case is also made from metalized polycarbonate materials a factor that enable people to easily control the buttons of their phones without much struggling. In addition, the case is designed to be able to absorb shocks and give users full access to their phone features. Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 cases also come in a variety of colors meeting all personalities and lifestyle needs. The iPhone 6 Plus cases are sold in the region of $18 while iPhone 6 cases are for sale on Amazon US for about $23.99 while is sold for £14.99 in the UK. You can also get it

#19 Luvvitt Clear Grip iPhone 6 Case

luvvitt case for iphone 6The Luvvitt Clear Grip Case for iPhone 6 is a gorgeous case made to offer your iPhone both style and protection. Its design is one the best and unique I have ever seen. A slim design ensures that you enjoy walking with your iPhone 6 without any addition of bulk or weight in your hands or pockets.

Clarity is maintained by the high-quality German Bayer thermoplastic and flexible TPU material which also adds up to protect your iPhone 6. Corners of your iPhone 6 are highly reinforced thus falls and bumps should not make you panic. The protective lip above the touchscreen will protect your smartphone against scratches as well as falls of your phone on its face.

Buttons and ports are at the back of the mind for the developers of this marvellous case, who have made sure that you access them all the time. Another cool features is fitting design which fits your iPhone 6 like a glove.

Transparent Pink, Black and Clear are the color choices that you are accorded with when purchasing this case , and is fairly priced on Amazon at of merely $12.95.

#20 Invellop Case

invellop iphone 6 caseProtection of your priceless iPhone 6 smartphone is the key aim of the Invellop Case. A hard TPU rubber core and a hard outer shell layer provide your iPhone 6 the much needed protection. These materials used in the manufacture of this case for iPhone 6 are superbly combined to give you a soft feel in the outer shell, and give your smartphone shock absorbing capabilities, thus you can’t be affected by shock while using this case. Dust proof properties are also integrated in this case, by the bevelled front edges which protect your screen against scratches and direct falls.

Your screen is also protected when placed on surfaces by the wrap-around edges which are higher than the screen level thus your touchscreen will not be scratched or contact the surfaces upon which it is placed.

Its fitting design, which is very classy adds up as features of this case, providing your iPhone 6 a stylish and eye-catching look. The back design is amazing and also provides you with added grip to your phone.

Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Silver are the vast color choices that are provided for you to choose from. This case is very cheap and is priced at a low price of $8.95 on Amazon and on


#21 Bear Motion Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 6

bear motion case iphone 6From its name, the Bear Motion Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 6 is very slim, to an extent that when installed on your iPhone 6, you won’t even realize that it is on. This also adds negligible weight to your iPhone, consequently making your smartphone easy to carry around. Hence if you need a case that adds very little weight to your iPhone and at the same time offering protection to your smartphone, Bear Motion Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 6 is the paramount choice for you.

Protection is a notch higher thanks to its design that protects the whole of your iPhone 6 from bumps, drops, accidental falls and scratches. Its Premium PC material enhances protection to your iPhone 6 significantly giving you a piece of mind when out and about.

Various colors are available for you to choose from; such as Black, Gray, Blue, Pink and Green. Cheapness of the Bear Motion Ultra Slim case means that all owners of an iPhone 6 will be able to get a piece of this magic. It is priced at merely $7.99 on Amazon(UK: £5), therefore make your purchase today before it's too late.

#22 Griffin Survivor case

griffin survivor foriphone 6 caseGriffin Survivor is as well counted as one of the best iPhone 6 cases. Griffin survivor case features shatter-resistant polycarbonate materials that make it very effective and durable enough to withstand different damages and accidental drops. The case also comes with a hinged button and dock plugs that wrap around the phone. In addition, this case features a built-in screen protector that provides the screen with maximum protection from dirt, shock, water and all other elements that can affect its performance. Different Griffin survivor cases come with different designs and colors something that provides customers with a variety of options to choose from such as Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver and some other colors as well. The case is sold for $49.99 $30 on Amazon at the moment.

#23 Ballistic Hard Case for iPhone 6

ballastic case for iphone 6iPhone owners can also opt for Ballistic Hard case if they want to keep their phones safe from damages. This case contains a combination of five layers that makes it able to resist all sorts of impacts. It is also created with a built-in screen protector that works to secure iPhone screens from dirt and other particles that can affect its performance. Ballistic Hard case is also coated with a water-resistant mesh throughout its outer layer and a rotating holster over the speakers. Considering that it is made from durable materials, it helps keep your phone strong enough to endure damages that result from dust, drop, scratches and fingerprints. The case can be used as stand view thanks to the build-in kickstand. Finally, the case is available only in black for now and sold for $21.50 on Amazon

#25 Belkin Grip Candy Sheer

iphone 6 case 12When in the market looking to purchase an iPhone 6 case, Belkin Grip Candy Case can also be one of your best preferences. This case features a glossy finish, sleek grip and high screen protection capabilities. This makes it able to protect your phone from scratches, dings, corrosion and rusting. It is also designed with two color tones something that provides people with a variety of colors to choose. The unique design in this case as well provides full access to its features especially the controls and ports. It is also flexible and durable case meaning it would not only make your phone safe from damages but also improve its ability to last for a longer period without needing replacement. This beautiful case is on sale for just $19.98.

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